And we’re back…  

When I started the journey to create Louisville Distilled almost five years ago I didn’t know what to expect, or in many ways what I was doing. However, I’ve always been a passionate advocate for my hometown, even during the ten years I lived elsewhere. Louisville seems to have a gravitational like force on many of us that draws us back. 

Louisville Distilled represents, to me, the best of Louisville and what makes our city unique, interesting, and livable. A transplant from a big city recently told me, “it’s just easier here.” Not that we don’t have challenges or issues, we certainly do, but that the daily routine of life, the work day, and the ability to connect is just easier in Louisville than other places he’d lived. In fact, he never expected to stay in Louisville, figuring it would be a stop over and in three to five years would move on to someplace else. Ten years later he’s still here and not going anywhere. Why did he and so many others stay?  

Louisville Distilled wants to tell stories like his. We want to tell stories that encourage you to explore your city, get you out of your routine, and share something with you that you were unaware existed in Louisville. And we plan to do it in a way that is positive and authentic.  

We want to highlight the project, business, or person you think is doing something great in our city. We also want to show you the rich diversity that exists in Louisville, in often-unexpected places.  

One of our first stories for our re-launch illustrates this well. SoBro (South of Broadway for those that didn’t receive the memo, Limerick for those old school folks) is seeing investment from nearly every side.  

Home to Spalding University, the Main Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library, part of Jefferson Community and Technical College’s campus, the recently renovated 800 Building, the Center for Women and Families, Christian Care Communities, Luckett and Farley Architects, and much more.  

In addition to the physical investment these businesses and organizations are making, they are also working together to improve their neighborhood. Let’s take the opportunity to celebrate that, and realize that there’s much work to be done, but we are making some progress. 

I want bring something meaningful and positive to your inbox or news feed. Like us, follow us, share what you think is interesting, and I hope you use Louisville Distilled as an unofficial guide to our fair city, regardless if you’re a life-long resident, a recent transplant, an ex-pat living elsewhere, or a visitor.  

I hope you like it. 

We couldn’t do it without our underwriters/partners and I want to offer a big thank you to each of them: Louisville Downtown Partnership, GLI, Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau, Brown-Forman, Louisville Forward, Louisville Water Company, Kentucky Center for the Arts, Metro Office of Globalization, Jefferson Community and Technical College, and the University of Louisville. Louisville Distilled couldn’t exist without their support, and for that we say thank you!


John Guthrie 




John is a Louisville native and passionate advocate for our fair city. He grew up in the Clifton and Crescent Hill neighborhoods, but left Louisville in 1995 to complete a journalism degree from Indiana University in Bloomington. John lived and worked in New York City, Muncie, Ind., and Cleveland, where he completed his MBA at Case Western Reserve University.

He returned to Louisville in 2005 and began his work with Ashley|Rountree and Associates, a local consulting firm working with nonprofit organizations on philanthropy, volunteer engagement, fundraising, sustainability and growth.

John was recognized as one of Business First's Forty Under 40 in 2009. He continues to work on projects with Ashley|Rountree and Associates, which takes him to all corners of the community and beyond. John is grateful to family, friends and colleagues who have helped Louisville Distilled become a reality. 


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