Venture Connectors, a not-for-profit that brings entrepreneurs and investors together talked tiny homes and big investments at its September luncheon.

Visionary entrepreneur and co-founder of Mighty Small Homes, Cyndi Masters, was the keynote. She discussed the economic drivers of the tiny home movement and the long-term impact of this real estate revolution. She shared why tiny homes are here to stay, as well as their impact on homeownership for first-time buyers, seniors, immigrants and refugees. She also discussed opportunities the small home market presents for investors.

The luncheon also featured two five-minute presenters: Jacob Isaac-Lowry of FlyWire Cameras and Vadim Gordin of ReachaBowl, who pitched their startups, as well as their funding needs.

Lisa Bajorinas with EnterpriseCorp gave a summary of companies that have been funded within the past month. In addition to six Vogt Award winners, who were each given $25,000 in funding, EnterpriseCorp has awarded Breath Diagnostics $350,000; RCM Brain $450,000; Academic Platforms $600,000; and Appellis Pharmaceuticals $600,000.



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