Professional skateboarders, cyclists and extreme athletes from across the region recently converged on the David Armstrong Extreme Park in Butchertown to test out a new metal vert ramp that’s considered to be among the finest skatepark elements in the world.

The ramp was designed and built by G. Ramps AG, a German firm specializing in skate park elements construction. The ramp is 86 feet long, 56 feet wide and nearly 14 feet tall at the platform. It weighs approximately 51,000 pounds. G.Ramps estimates that 17,000 fasteners were put into place to assemble the structure.

The pieces were transported to the United States by a ship. Construction began in late August and was completed last week.

The project cost $328,000 and included demolition of the old, wooden vert ramp and purchase and installation of the new ramp. Other new features of the Extreme Park include updated street elements and a “snake run.” The bowl and full pipe, which were fixtures to the original design, were modernized.

The park is named for former Louisville Mayor David Armstrong, who passed away this past June.


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