Neighborhood: Germantown

What were once blue-collar neighborhoods, Germantown and Schnitzelberg are growing in popularity due to its affordable housing options and close proximity to downtown, the Highlands and many places to grab a bite or drink. Contemporary restaurants such as Eiderdown and Hammerheads mingle with dining staples such as Check’s Cafe and Hauck’s Handy Store. Hauck’s also hosts the annual Dainty Contest, a neighborhood tradition. The street game involves a long stick, short stick (dainty) and is similar to baseball. Settled by mostly German immigrants, the neighborhoods remain true to its roots, which makes it appealing to young professionals, young families and students.

Nearby St. Joseph’s is dotted with shotgun and bungelow homes. Due to its close location to the University of Louisville, it’s become a popular spot for off-campus housing for students and young adults. At night you can work on improving your pinball game or dance to the latest indie-rock band at Zanzabar. The next morning wake-up early or wait in line for fresh baked goods at Nord’s Bakery, which managed to make even a bacon-flavored donut taste good.