Neighborhood: Portland

Along a bend in the Ohio River, just northwest of downtown is Portland. Portland was originally its own city, and was annexed not once but twice by the city of Louisville.

After years of urban flight, this proud working-class neighborhood with a strong history (check out the Portland Museum on Portland Ave. to learn more.) is the benefactor of several revival plans. It is posed to become the next NuLu in terms of mixed-use residential, retail and office spaces. The Portland Warehouse District includes galleries and artist studio space. The Portland Wharf Park and “Great Lawn West” project will expand downtown’s Waterfront Park west. Habitat for Humanity ReStore, McQuixote Books & Coffee and Hot Coffee, Please & Thank You’s bakehouse, and walk-up shop, now call Portland home.

Prominent historic landmarks and the city’s pre Civil War buildings, including the vacant United States Marine Hospital of Louisville, stand in Portland. The McAlpine Locks and Dam, completed in 1830, was the first major engineering project on the Ohio River. This set of locks and a hydroelectric dam was designed to allow shipping traffic to navigate through the Falls of the Ohio River.